Once I started I couldn’t stop

sorry not sorry

fine i promise i’ll do the serious one now

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I literally have been waiting forever (okay, more like two weeks) to find the perfect song for this and I did ~

So here you go.

The song for the traitor.

Obviously spoilers up to s2m39. And downloadable!

"And you could have it all: my empire of dirt… I will let you down… I will make you hurt."

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Was feeling really down emotionally today… and so I decided to make a fanmix dedicated to Abel Township, the strength they have and share with one another, and the mini community we have among us here in the fandom. Because we are kind of like a family. 

Ho Hey! by The Lumineers. Not my original choice, but then I fell in love with how the clips sounded with the music. I hope you like it too. (Soundcloud disapproved of it, though. You can message me if you still want the mp3?)

"Yes, it’s dark, yes, there are monsters out there and yes, life sucks sometimes. But we’re still here. Together. And it’s going to get light again."

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From the lady who brought you the Radioactive mix… I just can’t wait! I like making you guys happy, so I made you a second one. Bonusss!

This one is my little tribute to our operator, Sam Yao. As in, if you’re not having serious Sam feels by the end of this, I didn’t do my job right. Enjoy! Like the first, this one is downloadable.

"Then I heard your heart beating - you were in the darkness too… so I stayed in the darkness with you…"

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So, everyone talks about how the song “Radioactive” is almost like our fandom’s anthem, so… this happened! I made an anthem… thing.

Take a gander at it… :) Even if I’m not very good at it, made for this adorable fandom! (And if people like it, I might try my hand at some more…)

(Now downloadable!)

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Look what I can make againnnn cause I finished the missionnss. Also, I have a free night, no friends, and I’m full of feels.

This is dedicated to all of the people we loved and lost over the course of Zombies, Run. Sometimes we lost them briefly, sometimes we lost them permanently. But, fictional or not, they had a place in our heart and sometimes we too have to say goodbye except in fanfiction HA

SPOILERS UP TO S2M40. People who aren’t there yet, you can always find them under my “Creations” tab when you finish. :( I was you once. Also, it’s downloadable, as always.

"And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones… cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs…"

Thank you!

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Dear anon of like three weeks ago,

I always try to keep my promises. Here you go. HERE’S YOUR SAM/FIVE FANMIX. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Just kidding, but here it actually is, although for some reason it sounds weird out of the conversion and I just… ugh. And unfortuantely it still doesn’t get his lovely overprotective moments, or other things that probably don’t seem shippy to others but yes, yes, however much i’m displeased with it, whoever you were, here you go. <3

"So we lay in the dark, cause we’ve got nothing to say. Just the beating of hearts, like two drums in the grey.
I don’t know what we’re doing, I don’t know what we’ve done. 
But the fire is coming,

So I think we should 

You have got a new follower. I love your music of Zombies, Run! Thank you so much, boy or girl… I love you my Runner friend xxx

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